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Latest Version

Latest Version: 1.2
Download it from our Downloads Section


HQ PC Essentials is a bundle of Windows programs which come useful with the PC, Xbox / Xbox 360, and PSP.


PC Tools
7-Zip 4.57 - .ZIP/.RAR/.BZ2/.7Z Archive Manager
FileZilla v3.1.5.1 - FTP Client
FlashGet v1.73 - Download Manager/Accelerator
ImgBurn v2.4.2.0 - CD/DVD Burning Software

PSP Tools
PBP Unpacker v0.94 - Unpacks PBP Files
PSP Action Replay v1.17 - PSP version of Action Replay
PSP Brew v0.91 - Eboot Editor
PSP ISO Compressor v1.4 - Compress UMD ISOs to CSO / JSO / DAX format
PSP Pandora Deluxe v3.0 - Creates a Pandora Memory Stick/Battery
UMDGen v4.00 - create UMD ISOs

Xbox Tools
Action Replay v1.40 - Xbox version of Action Replay
baRenameX v0.99a - Renames files so they are compatible with Xbox
C-Xbox Tool v2.0.6 - Create and transfers Xbox ISOs from your PC or Xbox
Xbox Saves Manager v4.5.1 - Game Saves Manager for the Xbox

Xbox 360 Tools
iPrep 101 v0.0.7.3 - For flashing a Samsung TS-H943A or BenQ DVD drives.
Maximus Firmware Toolkit v4.8 - Hacked Firmware for your 360 DVD Drives
Xbox Backup Creator v2.8.0.275 - Creates Xbox 360 Backup ISOs
XDVDMulleter Beta v10.2 - Creates Xbox 360 Backup ISOs
Xplorer360 Beta v6 - HDD / Memory Card Explorer for the Xbox 360


v1.2 (2008-12-21)

  • Updated PSP Pandora Deluxe to v3.0.

v1.1 (2008-11-23)

  • Removed Disinter and Pandoras GUI, replaced with PSP Pandora Deluxe.
  • Added 7-Zip 4.57.
  • Updated FileZilla to
  • Updated ImgBurn to
  • Updated Xbox Action Replay to 1.40.
  • Updated iPrep 101 to
  • Updated Maximus Firmware Toolkit to 4.8.
  • Updated Xbox Backup Creator to

v1.0 (2008-04-09)

  • Initial Release

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