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Latest Version

Latest Version: 5.11 Final
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The Softmod Installer Deluxe Online Manual can be found Here


Softmod Installer Deluxe is a program designed for the Xbox Console, to unlock the full capabilities of your Xbox. It’s similar to what a Modchip would do, except there’s no hardware required.

This program will allow the Xbox to run programs and code which are unsigned by Microsoft, which means that made by normal people at home instead of the big game companies who will send their code and programs to Microsoft to be properly signed. With SID installed on your Xbox, you can easily run programs like Linux, Xbox Media Center, and a large variety of other Applications and Emulators. Auto-Installer Deluxe is recommended to be used with this, because it has been designed to work alongside this system.

The History of Softmod Installer Deluxe

The original SID 1.0 was written around January 2005, mainly for the fact that I was performing a Softmod on a friend’s console (which was a 1.6 Xbox and didn’t like to run Linux Applications for the obvious reasons). After that didn’t go to well, I decided to write my own, trying to avoid using any Linux Applications that would not be friendly with the newer consoles.

Version 1.0 was put together, and from memory had lots of bugs. Version 2.0 was released very shortly after and was a stable release, using the Phoenix BIOS Loader (PBL) System as the exploit to hack the Xbox.

In March 2005, Version 3.0 introduced the NKPatcher exploit, which is a lot newer, and a lot smarter. It had the capabilities of blocking the console from going on to Xbox Live, therefore saving the console from being banned due to having a hacked console. The PBL system was still included, mainly for the fact that PBL can be used to turn the console into a Debug (Development) Xbox, which is handy for home developers. This version also focused on dual-booting, which allow the user to have two ways to boot the Xbox, either with the Power on Button, or the Eject button on the DVD. Around December 2005, version 3.1 was completed, which is the most current version of this type of exploit.

Around this time, the AID / SID team was approached by a developer named Nknave, who was interested in working with the SID team in developing a new exploit. This came around, and in February 2006, version 4.5 Nknave Edition was released. This is an NKPatcher only system, which worked two ways. It would block Xbox Live when running unsigned code and applications, however it had a dual boot which would allow a user to put in an original Xbox game and still be able to play on Xbox Live.


  • Softmods your Xbox using the NKPatcher exploit.
  • Allows you to backup your Eeprom.
  • Allows you to backup your C Drive before and after modding.
  • Single or Dual Boot installations.
  • Allows user to play Original Xbox Games on Xbox Live.
  • Installs EvolutionX, UnleashX, or Xbox Media Center as a dashboard.
  • High Defination Patch available for the user to apply.
  • RGB Patch available for the user to apply.
  • Allows user to remove the softmod.


v5.11 - (2010-08-23)

  • Updated: XBMC Application (2010-08-21 SVN r30555) and MC360 skin.
  • Added: Confluence for Xbox Skin to XBMC.
  • Fixed: Some minor typos in the Installer.

v5.10 - (2009-08-24)

  • Added: RGB Support for all Softmod Installs
  • Added: XBMC Application (9.04.1 Final FIXED "Babylon" r20848) with MC360 skin and bonus sounds (USB version only)
  • Added: DVD2Xbox, DVDX, and NTSC-PAL Video Changer(USB version only.)

v5.01 - (2007-05-07)

  • Quick bugfix release. The problems were in the Virtual C installation but now that has been fixed.

v5.0 - (2007-04-12)

  • Combination of both SID 3.1 and 4.5 systems using a newer NKPatcher.

v4.5 Nknave Edition - (2006-02-02)

  • Independant version made by Nknave. First version of SID to include Virtual C + Eeprom installs.

v3.1 - (2005-11-15)

  • Included Phoenix BIOS Loader again, so now you have the choice of both NKPatcher and PBL.
  • Removed DVDX and DVD2Xbox due to size.

v3.0 - (2005-03-23)

  • Uses Nkpatcher v10 and Dual-Habibi instead of Phoenix BIOS Loader.
  • Dashboard can now be installed to C, E, F, or G.
  • DVD2Xbox updated to v0.6.6

v2.0 - (2005-02-21)

  • Minor Bug Fixes

v1.01 - (2005-02-03)

  • Minor Bug Fixes

v1.0 - (2005-02-01)

  • Initial Release (using Phoenix BIOS Loader)

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