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Online Stores

  • DecalGirl - High Quality Console, Laptop, iPod Skins and more.
  • Divineo - For Modchips and other Console Hardware needs.

PC Links

  • - PC Site Forums, Game Reviews / Cheats, Tutorials, and a great community.
  • - Microsoft Software Forum Network, very good forums.
  • - Play FREE Hi-Score Flash Games or install your own PHPNUKE FlashGames website.

Xbox Links

  • - Xbox site with Forums, Game Reviews / Cheats, Tutorials, and a great community.
  • - A complete list of scene homebrew for the xbox & pc.
  • Xbox-Hq Memory Card Database - For a list of compatible Devices for SID.
  • - XBOXONE-HQ provides the latest Xbox news & rumors, upcoming xbox games, release dates and detailed information for Microsoft's Xbox One console. The site offers upcoming games, release dates, achievements, videos, screenshots, gameplay, top 50 xbox games, guides, Xbox tutorials, emulators, digital downloads and more.

Xbox 360 Links

  • - Xbox 360 site with Forums, Game Reviews / Cheats, Achievements. Tutorials, clans, and a great community.
  • - A complete list of homebrew for the xbox 360 & PC.
  • - Download our FREE & SECURE Xbox 360 toolbar which will keep you up-to-date with all our xbox 360 site updates including: Games, Screenshots, Trailers, Achievements, Reviews, Cheats, Tutorials, Clans, and a great community.
  • - A list of Xbox 360 games showing which region consoles they work on.

Commodore 64 Links

  • - The C64-HQ site offers a sidplayer and emulator in your web browser.
  • - Listen to Commodore 64 (C64) SID chip music with our free web based SIDAMP player. Listen to exclusive covers, tributes, and never release 8-bit tunes in your web browser for free!

Become a VIP Member & Support our Projects

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