XBMCID Manual Chapter 6

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Features
- Contents of the Installer
- Features of the Installer
Chapter 3: Preparing the XBMCID disc on your PC
- Extracting the XBMCID Archive
- Using the XBMCID ISO Updater Program
- The XBMCID Addon / Update Packs
Chapter 4: Burning the ISO
- Using DVD Decrypter
Chapter 5: The XBMCID Main Menu
Chapter 6: Preparing your Xbox Hard Drive
- Backup / Restore your Hard Drive
- Format / Prepare your Hard Drive
Chapter 7: One-Click Installs
- Modchip Users
- Softmod Users
Chapter 8: Installing Dashboards
- Installing the Microsoft Dashboard
- Installing Xbox Media Center
Chapter 9: Skin Installer Section

Chapter 10: Installing Applications

Chapter 11: The Softmod Section
- Single Boot Softmod Options
- Dual Boot Softmod Options
- Unmounting the Virtual C Drive
- Removing the SID Softmod from your Xbox
Chapter 12: The Advanced Options / Tools Section
- Installing SID to HDD or Memory Card
- BIOS Checker
- BIOS Flasher
- Chimp
- ConfigMagic
- Enigmah NTSC-PAL Video Switcher
- Xbpartitioner
Appendix A: Xbox Error Codes
Appendix B: Xbox Media Compatibility
Appendix C: Xbox DVD Drive Identification
Appendix D: Softmodding Tutorials
- Hard Drive Upgrade using a Modchipped Xbox
- Hard Drive Upgrade using a PC
- Hotswap Tutorial - Recover a HDD without Eeprom Backup
- Hard Drive Cloning using Chimp
Appendix E: What do all these Applications do?

Chapter 6: Preparing your Xbox Hard Drive

Backup / Restore your Hard Drive

This feature had to be completely re-written from scratch for this version, due to it be very buggy and basically non-working in version 2. Instead of trying to zip the backups, it will just copy them to your location. Tests proved that using the zip option took way too long and made the soundtrack very jumpy.

Here’s the locations of where the backups are put on your HDD, they are on G Drive in the example:

G:\Backup\C\ ................... C Drive Backup
G:\Backup\E\ ................... E Drive Backup
G:\Backup\F\ ................... F Drive Backup
G:\Backup\G\ ................... G Drive Backup
G:\Backup\Cache\ ............ Cache Backup (X, Y, and Z Drives)
G:\Backup\Gamesaves\ .... Gamesaves Backup

Format / Prepare your Hard Drive

If you have a virgin HDD (meaning you’ve just bought it and it’s not formatted), XBMC Installer Deluxe can automatically format the drive for you (thanks to the wonders of the UnleashX system which powers XBMC Installer Deluxe). Although, there might be times where it might not format your F and G Partitions properly. Go to the Format / Prepare HDD option and format the drives again after you’ve done a reboot on the initial format.

If your HDD is already set up, you can use this to completely wipe a partition clean. However, if you are only upgrading your apps etc (for argument’s sake let’s say they are on D Drive) it would be wiser to use the File Manager and delete files and folders you don’t want. This way there is no risk in formatting the partition and losing games, emulators etc.

There is also an option called Prepare <X> Drive, which will prepare your selected partition with the necessary folders that are needed, like your Apps folder, your Games folder, your Music folder, and your Videos folder.

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