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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Technical Information
Chapter 3: Features
Chapter 4: Checking your Dashboard Version
Chapter 5: Installing SID on your Xbox
- Copying the Gamesave to your Memory Card / USB Device
- Copying the Gamesave to your Xbox
Chapter 6: Running the Game Save via the Game
- 007 Agent Under Fire
- Mechassault
- Splinter Cell
Chapter 7: The SID Main Menu
Chapter 8: Backup and Restore

Chapter 9: Installing the Softmod

- Single Boot Softmods
- Dual Boot Softmods
Chapter 10: Removing the Softmod
Chapter 11: Virtual Eeprom Patching

Appendix A: Xbox Error Codes
Appendix B: Softmodding Tutorials
- Hard Drive Upgrade using a Modchipped Xbox
- Hard Drive Upgrade using a PC
- Hotswap Tutorial - Recover a HDD without Eeprom Backup
- Hard Drive Cloning using Chimp
Appendix C: Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix D: Using USB Devices for SID
- The USB -> Xbox Cable
- Preparing the USB Device to use with Action Replay

Appendix C: Frequently Asked Questions

I can't get gamesaves into the memory card with Action Replay?

Make sure you have original Microsoft Memory card or another brand that it's known to work, not all memory cards will allow files that's aren't game related to be added, like zips, rars and non-xbox default files. Also make sure you drag and drop 2 zips, the SID5 and your game of choice, and you'll add both gamesaves to your xbox, since the launcher are the files that install the softmod, and the other gamesaves are to boot to Launcher, so no launcher and gamesave can lead to ERROR 21, black screen, or MS Dash reboot.

I get just a black screen when I boot it.

Make sure you only do it to retail xbox, that means no other softmods installed, if you have a previous softmod install, remove it and leave C in retail, all other files will not be affected, also make sure that's the only gamesave you have, and no other gamesaves in hdd of that 1 game. Another issue is that if you are trying to boot SID 5 when running modded from SID 2 or other PBL based softmod, it will lead to freeze or black screen, this is due to the fact that PBL doesn't allow nkpatcher to load, PLEASE BE IN RETAIL!

I can't install any of the softmods in SID 5!!!

Did you read the manual? Did you read the on-screen warnings?, It will NOT INSTALL if you don't have a retail MS Backup and eeprom made by the installer.

I can't install the Ndure.

Once again, did you read things right?, you CANNOT install unless you have MS Dash 5960 Installed on true C before install.

I successfully installed SID 5, but I can't use the retail mode to go on xbox live.

It should work, as it's proven to work, make sure you power on the xbox with eject button so it loads retail mode, wait till it loads MS Dash, and put game disc in, after ingame sign in with an already made xbox live! gamer tag account. YOU CANNOT MAKE AN ACCOUNT AFTER YOUR MODDED.

Why do I have to set my clock every time I power on the xbox?

You should only have to set it once after softmod is installed, and only after you unplugg after 4 hours. So make sure YOU SET YOUR CLOCK, and press "A" to save it to xbox, then IGR or power off, and on so it takes effects, that way you shoudln't have to set your clock again, unless of course you cut power for more than 4 hours.

When I FTP I can see F and G, but I can't access them.

You cannot access to what you dont' have, by default SID 4 is set to enable both of these so you don't have to worry about updating your lb48 patch etc, some xbox stock hdds have F, some have G, the only real way to know if you have an F, is by using file explorer with UnleashX or SID 5, and if you see F you have it, if you don't see F, then you don't!

When I boot retail mode, all I get is a hang, and black screen.

Make sure that ms dash was not modded at all, but here's a manual solution if you have this. Boot SID 5, use the file manager, go to C, and look for the file called: settings_adoc.xip, make sure you don't have it in C, or C:\xboxdashdata185ead00, this can make it hang, also this file is to be deleted automaticly by the installer, and it's also the reason why you must set your clock when you boot you xbox after the install of SID 4.

When I boot Ndure retail mode, all looks good, but I choose the xbox live tab from MS Dash and it goes to a black screen.

Simply is cause xbox live tab from MS dash loads it's own dash files from C:\xodash, but that's where the exploit fonts are located, so if you choose that it will freeze cause it will try to load the fonts again, leading to wanting to boot softmod, which will end up freezing, you will also get a black screen if you try to PUT A BACKUP GAME when running Ndure. In no way Ndure allows you to run backups in Xbox Live!. Use FuckMS for that, but we will not help you do this, and you can get into serious problems and get your credit card blacklisted if caught. - Always sign in to xbox live from ingame, not from MS Dash.


Then simply you need to read this manual over again and make sure you haven’t missed anything.

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