SID Manual Chapter 7

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Technical Information
Chapter 3: Features
Chapter 4: Checking your Dashboard Version
Chapter 5: Installing SID on your Xbox
- Copying the Gamesave to your Memory Card / USB Device
- Copying the Gamesave to your Xbox
Chapter 6: Running the Game Save via the Game
- 007 Agent Under Fire
- Mechassault
- Splinter Cell
Chapter 7: The SID Main Menu
Chapter 8: Backup and Restore

Chapter 9: Installing the Softmod

- Single Boot Softmods
- Dual Boot Softmods
Chapter 10: Removing the Softmod
Chapter 11: Virtual Eeprom Patching

Appendix A: Xbox Error Codes
Appendix B: Softmodding Tutorials
- Hard Drive Upgrade using a Modchipped Xbox
- Hard Drive Upgrade using a PC
- Hotswap Tutorial - Recover a HDD without Eeprom Backup
- Hard Drive Cloning using Chimp
Appendix C: Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix D: Using USB Devices for SID
- The USB -> Xbox Cable
- Preparing the USB Device to use with Action Replay

Chapter 7: The SID Main Menu

All menus will be self explanatory, and will go to the point, but make sure of the following tips to complete a successful softmod.

  • Must have a retail MS Backup, either made by this installer or a previous SID installer that supports the target E:\backup\MS\, this backup must not be modded, and must have retail files, no dash version is specified if not installing Ndure.

  • If you plan to Install the Dual Boot with MS Dash, YOU MUST have MS Dash 5960 either in your MS Backup or your True C drive (newest 1.6 Xboxes have this).

  • Backup of your EEPROM must be made no matter what to complete the install. This is due to the fact that an eeprom backup is needed to be patched, and put into your hidden boot files to be loaded with the all new nkpatcher system, allowing this eeprom to be loaded instead of your real one to prevent apps from unlocking your HDD, and if you mess with your eeprom, then it’s just your virtual eeprom and not the real one, leading to a broken Xbox.

  • The Uninstall Feature is picky. You must have a retail, non modded, MS Backup to it can proceed, it also pay attention to what it tell you, so you don’t make mistakes, and you select “YES” or “NO” wisely.

Please be aware that SID 5 will take around 15-30 seconds to install a file called "shadowc.img", so if you see that it looks like if it froze, don't panic, and let it run.

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