SID Manual Chapter 9

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Technical Information
Chapter 3: Features
Chapter 4: Checking your Dashboard Version
Chapter 5: Installing SID on your Xbox
- Copying the Gamesave to your Memory Card / USB Device
- Copying the Gamesave to your Xbox
Chapter 6: Running the Game Save via the Game
- 007 Agent Under Fire
- Mechassault
- Splinter Cell
Chapter 7: The SID Main Menu
Chapter 8: Backup and Restore

Chapter 9: Installing the Softmod

- Single Boot Softmods
- Dual Boot Softmods
Chapter 10: Removing the Softmod
Chapter 11: Virtual Eeprom Patching

Appendix A: Xbox Error Codes
Appendix B: Softmodding Tutorials
- Hard Drive Upgrade using a Modchipped Xbox
- Hard Drive Upgrade using a PC
- Hotswap Tutorial - Recover a HDD without Eeprom Backup
- Hard Drive Cloning using Chimp
Appendix C: Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix D: Using USB Devices for SID
- The USB -> Xbox Cable
- Preparing the USB Device to use with Action Replay

Chapter 9: Installing the Softmod

Single Boot Softmods

These are the single-boot options available to you:

  • Standard
  • Standard for HD
  • Standard for RGB
  • Virtual C + Eeprom
  • Virtual C + Eeprom for HD
  • Virtual C + Eeprom for RGB

You’ll notice that you have new options compared to the One-Click Install System. Installing the Softmod for HD (High Definition) means that your Softmod will be set so your Xbox is best displayed with a High Definition TV.

You only get the options to install EvolutionX or UnleashX in this section, but you can easily go back to the Install Dashboards section and change it (to XBMC for example).

The USB Version will give you the added option of Xbox Media Center, plus it will install the following applications to your Xbox (at location E:\Apps)

  • Enigmah NTSC-PAL Video Patcher
  • DVD2Xbox
  • DVD-X (Region Free DVD Player)

One small rule, when installing a Softmod with Virtual C, don’t select a Softmod Dashboard, because the Softmod tricks your Xbox into thinking that the C Drive is still stock (unmodded), so in order to access the MS Dash properly you need to remember this.

Dual Boot Softmods

Unlike the Single-Boot Softmod, the Dual-Boot offers much more flexibility.

The two options you have are:

  • Hacked Dash / Softmod Menu
  • Hacked Dash / MS Dash

You firstly have the option on how you want to control your Dual Boot. After selecting this, you will proceed to the same options as the Single Boot.

Please note when you use the Hacked Dash / Softmod Menu option, when you boot your Xbox in this state, any Virtual C Drive is turned OFF leaving it exposed. You may not want to use this option if there’s a possibility that your Xbox can be used by someone that could easily format it on you.

The Hacked Dash / MS Dash option allows you to use Xbox Live properly (only with Original Games though). For this to work correctly, you must have you Xbox unmodded to set up your Xbox Live Account. Once this is done, you can proceed to apply the Softmod to your Xbox.

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